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Tunney's Picks of the Week - Week 2

20 Apr

Tunney’s Picks of the Week – Week 2

I’m Tunney Barrett, Director of Sales & Marketing here at the Staybridge Suites Hotel New Orleans Downtown and it’s time for my Picks of the Week.     Remember, eating here is more than just about the food.  It’s about visiting and connecting with other people.  So, chat with the people next to you.  If you are at a table for four and there are just two of you and there are people waiting for a table, invite them over to join you!  Make some new friends!  Enjoy!


Last week we talked about Emeril’s, this week let’s turn right on Julia Street and go to Peche Seafood Grill.  This is Donald Link’s newest New Orleans restaurant. It joins Herbsaint, Cochon and The Butcher.  Here Chef Prewitt has done some really amazing things.  We went the first time with our friends, Cathy & Peter Seghesio, who own Journeyman Wines and just sat at the bar and shared small plates and a couple of bottles of the Journeyman Chardonnay.  You have to try the shrimp and fontina croquettes, crawfish and jalapeno capellini and the fish sticks w/LA31 batter!  Now I see you rolling your eyes, but trust me this ain’t the fish sticks from the grammar school cafeteria!  Out the door to the right.  Three blocks to Julia. Right one block to Magazine.  Corner of Julia & Magazine.  Price: $$$ ½


Poor Boys or Po-boys are a New Orleans tradition and everybody in this city has their favorite and generally it has to do with the part of the city they grew up in.  My favorite is Parkway Tavern & Bakery.  You’ll need to take a cab but it is only about a 10 minute ride.  Just off Jefferson Davis Parkway near Orleans Avenue at 538 Hagan Avenue.  My wife and I order 1 Roast Beef Poor Boy and 1 Fried Shrimp Poor Boy.  Then each of us eat ½ of each!  Best of both worlds that way. Have a Bar’q’s Root Beer in a long neck bottle with this.  Oh, and you will need plenty of napkins.   Price: $$


This week let’s get really casual.  Lucy’s Retired Surfer Bar.  This is not a lounge.  This my friend is a BAR!  Good bar food here as well.  After the Super Bowl Parade, this is where Drew Brees got off the float, came in and taught the stunned crowd how to do the chant that the team did that season before each game.  You can find this with tons of cellphone videos on YouTube.  Have a drink and sit outside and make some new friends.   Out the door, turn right.  One block, on the corner.


After the National World War II Museum, my favorite attraction is the New Orleans School of Cooking and their main man, my brother from a different mother, Chef Kevin Belton. The class is about 2 hours long and it’s a cooking demonstration, a history class, a comedy show and lunch all rolled into one.  They will teach you about how New Orleans food came to be, the difference in Creole and Cajun (here’s a hint: tomato), they will teach you how to make a roux and make you laugh in the process.  This is just too much fun.

Those are my Picks this week.  Go Forth and Eat!

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